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PVC Hoses - Suction


Grey Suction

For conveying liquids and light granular materials in agricultural andindustrial applications. High quality economical hose for use inirrigation, domestic fire fighting and dewatering. Super flexible productensuring optimal performance. Conforms to AS/NZS 2070 (plastics for

food contact).

I.D ranging from 25 to 102 mm.



Black inner with corrugated orange helix. Super flexible abrasion resistant hose suitable for transfer of oils, waste, sand and rocks. Nitrile/PVC blend for excellent flexibility at low temperatures.

I.D ranging from 50 to 150mm.


Clear / Black Spiral Airseeder Hose

Used as an "air seeder" hose and in other applications where materials being conveyed need to be seen such as pellet and granule transfer.

I.D ranging from 25 to 76 mm.


Clear / Wire Helix Non-Toxic

Suitable for applications requiring continuous bending and flexing or where a clear and/or heavy duty hose is required, including food, beverage, cosmetic and pharmaceutical. Can be used for oils andpesticides (boom sprayers). Operating temperature from -10°C to +60°C.

I.D ranging from 12 to 76 mm.


Flexible Seeder

Black, super tough air seeder and general purpose hose with

superior UV resistance. Corrugated construction provides

unmatched flexibility.

I.D ranging from 12 to 50mm.


Wine Suction & Delivery Hose

Suitable for the general purpose suction and discharge of liquids requiring a food grade hose in applications including wineries, canneries, dairies and general food processing plants. Conforms to AS/NZS 2070, USA FDA CFR21 & EU 2002-72-E°C. Suitable for contact with wine and spirits up to 28% ABV. Manufactured from phenol and phthalate free compounds.


Blue Heavy Duty Oil Suction

Proudly Australian Made, this heavy duty flexible blue PVC/NBR blend hose with rigid PVC helix is the most flexible suction hose in our range even in colder climates. It has a smooth bore to reduce friction losses and the polymeric plasticizer resists solvent extraction.

Operating temperature from -10°C to +60°C. A high nitrile content gives good resistance to abrasion as well as chemicals, animal fats, mineral oils & some fuels. Outstanding UV stability.

I.D ranging from 25 to 102 mm.


Marine Sullage

Smooth bore hose well suited to dust extraction, marine, cable protection, LPG conversion, air seeders & caravan waste lines. Raised PVC helix provides excellent flexibility.

I.D ranging from 20 to 51 mm.

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