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Automotive Hose


Universal Hose Bend

These 90 Degree Universal Hose Bends are available in popular sizes to suit most water and coolant applications. Manufactured to Codan’s high standards, these hose bends are suitable for an array of automotive and industrial uses.


Submersible Fuel Hose - SAE 30R10

Codan R10 Submersible Fuel Hose is specifically designed for in-tank applications where the hose is in constant contact  with fuel and other liquid petroleum fuels. This hose is suitable to handle fuel, alcohol-extended fuel or diesel on the inside  and the outside when fully immersed, mobile or stationary for both automotive and marine applications.

Available in 7.9mm I.D.


Transmission Cooler Hose

Codan Transmission Cooler Hose is suitable for use with modern automatic transmissions. It is manufactured with a nitrile  inner, reinforced with polyester and covered by a neoprene outer that is resistant to oil, fuel and heat. It can withstand  temperatures ranging from –40°C to +135°C.

7.9 & 9.5mm I.D available.


Power Steering Return Hose

Codan Power Steering Hose is specifically designed as low pressure side return hose for vehicle powered steering  systems. It is manufactured with nitrile inner, reinforced with polyester and covered by a neoprene outer that is resistant to  oil, fuel and heat.

7.9 & 10mm I.D available.


Automotive Hose Stand

Merchandiser stand of 12 common automotive hoses covering fuel, transmission, vacuum/washer and brake vacuum in fast moving sizes.


Fuel Injection Hose - SAE 30R9

Codan R9 EFI Hose is designed to run a higher pressures and temperatures than normal Fuel Injection Hoses. The inner  liner is made of FKM (Viton), the inner tube from NBR (Nitrile) with an outer cover of CSM (Hypalon). This hose is suitable  for petrol with a maximum E20 rating and diesel with a maximum B10 rating, it is not suitable for fuels above E20 or B10.  This hose is not submersible for in tank use.

I.D ranging from 6.8 to 9.5mm.


Radiator Overflow Hose

Codan Radiator Overflow Hose Tubing is suitable for radiator overflow and header tank applications. It is manufactured from  EDPM rubber and will withstand radiator temperatures and pressures as well as vacuum. It is weather and radiator addictive  resistant.

8 & 10mm I.D available.


Straight Radiator Hose

SAE J20R1 standard straight radiator hose is ideal for straight coolant/air connection in  automotive, stationary engine, industrial and home applications. EPDM tube and cover with  synthetic ply reinforcement.

I.D ranging from 19 to 102mm.


Fuel Hose - SAE 30R6

Codan fuel hose is designed to carry automotive fuel and operates at temperatures ranging from -30°C to +100°C. The  inner tube is made from NBR (Nitrile) with an outer cover of CR (Neoprene). This hose is suitable for unleaded petrol (up  to 98 octane) and diesel, it is not suitable for ethanol blends of petrol or biodiesel.

I.D ranging from 4.8 to 12.7mm.


Heater Hose

Codan Heater Hose has been specifically developed for vehicle coolant systems and has a safety factor of 3:1. It is suitable  for use over a temperature range of –40°C to +100°C. It is not suitable for use with petroleum products.

I.D ranging from 5 to 19mm.


Brake Vacuum Hose

Codan Brake Vacuum Hose is designed to transmit manifold vacuum in automotive power assisted braking systems. It is  manufactured from neoprene and reinforced with rayon.

8.7 to 12.5mm I.D available.


Silicone Radiator Hose

Exceeds SAE J20R1. Excellent for extreme ambient and radiant temperature conditions. Resists  weathering, ozone, heat and coolant deterioration. For use in radiator, heater and other coolant  transfer hose applications. 1000mm lengths. Temperature range -53 to +176°C.

I.D ranging from 19 to 102mm available.

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