Layflat Hose

Blue PVC - Low Pressure

Blue low pressure layflat has a one layer construction which means it can be pierced without causing delamination. Suitable for Trickle Irrigation applications, it is also suitable for light duty dewatering applications.

I.D ranging from 25 to 200 mm.

Red PVC - Heavy Duty

Sunny RedExcellent abrasive resistance allowing it to be used in heavy duty dewatering application, where water may be mixed with solid particles. Also used on small irrigators.

I.D ranging from 38 to 203 mm.

Working Pressure ranging from 75 to 152 psi.

Percolating Canvas Fire Hose (Forestry use)

I.D ranging from 25 to 64.

'Canvas Type' Fire Hose Rubber Inne Lining

Non Percolating. Manufactured to AS2792-1992 Class L, M and H.

I.D ranging from 25 to 102.

Working Pressure ranging from 203 to 145 psi.

Fire Hose with Red PU Coating for Abrasion Resistance

Lightweight super strength hose suitable for industrial and commercial fire protection, general usage in industry, mining, engineering and fire services.

I.D ranging from 25 to 102. 

Working Pressure is 300 psi.

Irrigation Drag Hose

Hard wearing travelling irrigator hose. The integrated tube and cover offers excellent abrasion resistance, minimal friction losses and UV resistance. Black Nitrile tube and cover, high strength circular woven textile braid, temp range -30 to +70 C.

I.D ranging from 65 to 150 mm.

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