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Flexible Ducting


TPR Ducting

Constructed from a Thermo Plastic Rubber compound with a steel spiral Helix. T.P.R is a good choice multi-purpose ducting with excellent  flexibility, U.V and abrasive resistant characteristics.  T.P.R also has good resistance to many chemicals and oils.  Temperature Range:  -50ºC to 120ºC

I.D ranging from 38 to 300 mm.


Polyurethane Antistatic Ducting

Light weight and flexible product that can be used as both a duct and a vacuum/delivery  hose. Made from abrasion resistant polyurethane with copper wire helix, applications include  suction and discharge of powders, dust, fumes, shavings and light duty industrial and abrasive  applications. PU-AS is suitable for food contact in dry applications. Temperature Range: -20 - 80ºC

I.D ranging from 38 to 300mm available.

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