Claw Clamp

Malleable Iron clamp for use with Air Claw Couplings, and any other fitting with a `collar’.

I.D ranging from 12 to 75 mm.

Double Bolt Clamp

Malleable Iron.

High Pressure Clamp

Malleable Iron for use with Steam fittings (Ground Joint etc).

Spiral Clamps

Plated carbon steel for hoses with corrugated spiral cover. 

I.D ranging from 38 to 305 mm.

Standard Weld Mount Tube Clamp

Smooth Bore Wormdrives

7.5mm Band Width.


Continuous Wormdrive Band & Buckles

Rolls of Wormdrive Band and buckles allow you to make up what ever size clamp you require. Simply Cut to size, attach buckle and tighten.

GBS Clamps

A general purpose heavy duty clamp for use in industrial, agriculture, chemical, pharmaceutical, food processing plants and marine applications. The bevelled edges protect the hose from being damaged.

Bands & Buckles

Type 201 stainless steel. Bandimex is boxed, Band-it is in Plastic Colour coded Carry baskets (as pictured).

Band-It Ultra-Lok

Ultra-Lok are made from 201 stainless steel, this clamping system is quick, easy and versatile.  Utilizing the UL9000 electric tool to provide effortless and consistent repeatable clamping. Ideally suited where assemblies are carried out in volume

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