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Flexible Tubing


Industrial Nylon - Imperial & Metric

Lightweight and versatile nylon tubing has excellent dimensional stability and can save as much as 75% in weight over rubber hose  and steel tubing. UV and temperature stabilised, it also offers excellent resistance to petrol, diesel, oil, grease, brake fluids and other  chemicals.


Polyurethane Tubing

PU tubing is extremely flexible with a small bend radius for routing into tight  spaces. Highly kink and abrasion resistant, it withstands abuse that would damage other plastic tubing. Available in blue.


Nylon Air-Brake Tubing - Metric

Metric nylon air brake tubing is manufactured in accordance with DIN 74324 specifications.  Available in sizes 6mm through to 16mm in black only


Semi-rigid Nylon - Imperial & Metric

Available in black in 100m rolls only.


Suzi Coil Sets

Set consists of 1x red coil & 1x blue  coil fitted with springs and 1/2in male  ends. Meets SAE J844 and DOT  standards.


Air Brake Hose - SAE IJ402 A

Synthetic rubber hose for use in air brake systems.  Commonly used for air supply to brake boosters on  maxi brake systems. Temp range -46°C to +100°C.

Crimped assemblies available


Low Density Polyethylene

LDPE tubing is chemically inert, meets AS2070 (food contact) and has good resistance to most chemicals and  solvents. Available in natural in 100m coils. Max working pressure 116psi. Max temp 60°C.


Nylon Air-Brake Tubing - Imperial

Imperial nylon air brake tubing is manufactured in accordance with SAE J844 specifications. Available in sizes  1/8 through to 3/4in, in black, blue and red. Type A SAE J844 tubes are single wall construction. Type B SAE  J844 tubes (3/8in and larger) are double wall construction with nylon core, synthetic fibre braid and nylon cover.

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