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PVC Hose - Garden


Lime Green Double Braid

Superior quality hose for general purpose water applications. Manufactured with all virgin PVC materials this  product provides excellent flexibility even at low temperatures. 8 year guarantee. Available in bulk and fitted with plastic tap connections. 

I.D ranging from 12.5 to 25 mm. 

Working Pressure is 145 psi.


Hardie Star Premium Garden Hose

Hardie Star Premium is perfect for domestic yards & also commercial use. The hose has excellent kink resistance, a thick  inner wall and is UV protected. Premium is Australian made and meets AS 2620-1.  

20 year guarantee.

Available in 12 and 18 mm.


Soaker Hose

Australian made from UV protected materials and have been specially designed to be economically provide rain like coverage to give your lawn and garden a deep soaking minimise water wastage. Black in colour providing strong resistance against an aggressive Australian sun. Each hose includes a removable end cap to allow the joining of two or more hoses and flushing through for cleaning. 

Available in 15 and 30 metre lengths. I.D 12mm

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